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Before I go into the breaking changes introduced in 0.9.518, I wanted to highlight Invoke-DbatoolsRenameHelper which is an awesome command that will help you with a vast majority of our renames. Using it is as simple as:

Get-ChildItem *.ps1 -Recurse | Invoke-DbatoolsRenameHelper

This command even takes care of a couple parameter renames like NetworkShare and UseLastBackups.


Breaking Changes

It’s been a busy couple days! Here’s a list of our breaking changes

  • Invoke-Sqlcmd2 has been removed and replaced with a warning to use Invoke-DbaQuery
  • The NetworkShare parameter has been renamed to SharedPath
  • UseLastBackups has been renamed to UseLastBackup
  • Most NoXyz in Start-DbaMigration has been renamed to ExcludeXyz

New commands

Recently, we’ve also added a bunch of new WSFC, Mirroring and AG commands (like Sync-DbaAvailabilityGroup!) that I’ll write about more in-depth about later. If you’d like to test the commands now and give us feedback, check out the Availability Groups section of the Commands Index.

We also have other new commands including

New-DbaDatabase allows you to create databases easily. It even allows you to create multiple databases on multiple servers at once!

Also, a teammate suggested we highlight that Install-DbaSqlWatch, which installs sqlwatch is different from Install-DbaWatchUpdate which watches for updates to dbatools.

Other Updates

We also added Azure support to Copy-DbaDbTableData. Oh, and, we added -AutoCreateTable which creates the destination table based off of the definition of the source table. Have you ever used this command? It’s an insanely fast streaming bulk-copy between two tables.


Note that it took 11ms to create the destination table on a remote server and insert 2155 rows 🤩

Thank you all for your patience while we make these huge strides. We’ll be in touch soon.


3 thoughts on “breaking changes update

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  2. Matt C Reply

    Love all the changes! Also, I can’t be the only one who wonders what a Powershell script named “doomsday.ps1” contains.

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