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latest updates

website updates

We’ve updated the site a bit and wanted to let you know. Getting Started Finally! The Getting Started page has accurate information, way more code samples and useful links. So …

cleaning up comment-based help

Hey all! Andy Levy here. I’m a SQL Server DBA and major contributor for dbatools. My current focus within the project is fixing the docs and more specifically, the help …

Getting complex with Restore-DbaDatabase

As part of the `Restore-DbaDatabase` stack rewrite, I wanted to do make things easier for users to be able to get their hands dirty within the Restore stack. Not necessarily needing to dive into the core code and the world of GitHub Pull Requests, but by manipulating the data flowing through the pipeline using standard PowerShell techniques, all the while being able to do the heavy lifting without code.

new release – picklerick

I have to wake up at 3am to go to the airport and start a solid two weeks of vacation, so I’ll keep this incredibly short. Tonight, we released picklerick. …