Vote for these SQLBits 2020 PowerShell sessions

SQLBits 2020 is back in London, 31st March – 4th April 2020 and session voting is now open! You must be logged into the site to vote.

The complete listing of all sessions can be found at Here are sessions that feature dbatools or PowerShell.

Can’t get to SQLBits? They publish the videos later on, so your vote still counts.


These are the ones that I’m pretty sure focus on or use dbatools.

dbatools and Power BI walked into a bar by Cláudio Silva
dbatools’ recipes for Data Professionals by Cláudio Silva
Easy Database restores with dbatools by Stuart Moore
Extending the Data Platform with PowerShell, an introduction by Craig Porteous
Fundamental skills for the modern DBA by John McCormack
Install & Configure SQL Server with PowerShell DSC by Jess Pomfret
Life Hacks: dbatools edition by Jess Pomfret
Mask That Data! by Sander Stad
Monitoring SQL Server without breaking the bank by Gianluca Sartori
Start to See With tSQLt by Sander Stad
SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio for the DBA by Rob Sewell
SQL Server on Linux from the Command Line by Randolph West
The DBA Quit and Now You’re It: Action Plan by Matt Gordon


Not sure if these use dbatools but I know they use PowerShell 🤩.

6 Months to 5 Minutes, Faster Deploys for Happier Users by Jan Mulkens
Application and Database Migrations-A Pester Journey by Craig Ottley-Thistlethwaite
ARM Yourself: A beginners guide to using ARM Templates by Jason Horner
Data Protection by design: Creating a Data Masking strategy by Christopher Unwin
Fun with Azure Data Studio by Richard Munn
Introducing Azure Data Studio (SQL Operations Studio) by Rich Benner
Introduction to PowerShell DSC by John Q Martin
Introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform by John Q Martin
Scripting yourself to DevOps heaven by David L. Bojsen
SSDT databases:Deployment in CI/CD process with Azure DevOps by Kamil Nowinski
Supercharge your Reporting Services: An essential toolkit by Craig Porteous
The quick journey from Power BI to automated tests by Bent Nissen Pedersen
Turn Runbooks into Notebooks: ADS for the On-Call DBA by Matt Gordon

The code

How did I get this list? With PowerShell of course!

# use basic parsing to make sure I write it to support Linux as well
$bits = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing
$links = $bits.Links | Where href -match event20
$sessions = $results = @()

# Make a cache to play around with, before final code, otherwise you just keep downloading all webpages
 foreach ($link in $links) { 
    $url = $link.href.Replace('..','')
    $sessions += [pscustomobject]@{
        Url = $url
        Title = ($link.outerHTML -split '<.+?>' -match '\S')[0]
        Page = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -UseBasicParsing)

foreach ($session in $sessions)  {
    $url = $session.Url
    $title = $session.Title
    # this is a case sensitive match
    $speaker = ((($session.Page.Links | Where href -cmatch Speakers).outerHTML) -split '<.>' -match '\S')[0]

    if ($session.Page.Content -match 'dbatools') {
        $results += [pscustomobject]@{
        Title = $title
        Link = "[$title by $speaker]($url)"
        Category = "dbatools"
    if ($session.Page.Content -match 'powershell' -and $session.Page.Content -notmatch 'dbatools') {
        $results += [pscustomobject]@{
        Title = $title
        Link = "[$title by $speaker]($url)"
        Category = "PowerShell"

$results | Sort-Object Category, Title | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Link | clip

Haven’t been to SQLBits? It’s genuinely one of the awesomest conferences and I highly recommend it, both as a speaker and an attendee.


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