The team is me. The team is you, too. We encourage pull requests and development participation There’s also a #dbatools channel on the SQL Server Community Slack if you’d like to discuss the module or just hang out.

Chrissy LeMaire, Creator, SQL DBA & Cloud and Datacenter Management (PowerShell) MVP

I’m a Cajun living in Belgium and a SQL Server DBA and PowerShell MVP with nearly 20 years of experience. I’m also the colead for the SQL PASS PowerShell Virtual Chapter and lead for the Belgian PowerShell User Group.

I’ve been a fan of Linux and Open Source since I was first introduced back in the 90’s, right around the time I moved to California to work in tech. I’ve loved SQL Server for nearly as long. And of course, PowerShell, which I’ve worked with since 2005.

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Major Contributors 2017

Iraklis Evangelinos
Iraklis Evangelinos


People who have shared code that we’ve used (thank you!)


dbatools has been tested in a lot of environments, but you may do things differently than we do. Maybe you use indexes and we don’t (kidding ;)). We want dbatools to work for all of us, and would love to hear from you if you find a scenario that is not covered.

Got some Best Practices to offer up? Or experienced something painful during a migration that you’d like to share so that it can be addressed? Please give feedback on GitHub.

As of today, dbatools has over 40 contributors on github and over 450 users in the Slack channel, many of whom help with module design, coding, Q&A and more. If you’re a PowerShell developer or even if you want to learn, we can guide you; please consider contributing to the project.

While we have you here..

In April 2016, after a huge win with getting some issues addressed in SQLPS, Aaron Nelson and I started a couple Trello boards to help address community needs for SQLPS and SQL Server Management Studio. Microsoft actively participates on the board, and we encourage you to join and suggest changes/report bug fixes, and most importantly, upvote.