A huge thanks

In one magical year, the dbatools team grew from one major contributor to 28! It all started on June 14 when Cláudio Silva submitted a pull request to add his command Expand-SqlTLogResponsibly. dbatools had 42 commands at the time and Expand-SqlTLogResponsibly was a perfect addition.

The toolset began to grow even more once the SQL Community Slack became more popular and our channel #dbatools, grew to over 400 people (mostly lurkers ;)) Over time, we’d gain a Quality Assurance team, a bug fixing team, and a whole lot of other roles that are so essential to the continued growth and quality of dbatools.

Eventually, dbatools partnered with Rob Sewell and started dbareports.io, a PowerShell/BI solution for administrators of SQL Server estates, large and small.

Now, the SQL community has quickly adopted these toolsets for managing various SQL-related tasks and contributors are presenting all over the world and online about dbatools and dbareports!

This could not have been possible without the amazing people listed below. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart; 2016 sucked in a lot of ways for many people, but in this regard, it was one of my favorite years ever .

- Chrissy

Major Contributors, 2016

Iraklis Evangelinos
Iraklis Evangelinos