dbatools featured on sql with bert

Recently, dbatools contributor Jess Pomfret teamed up with Bert Wager for a super cool video about dbatools.

Check it out!

They also wrote accompanying blog posts too! Jess wrote a post titled dbatools with Bert where she talks more in-depth about Backing up your databases and changing your recovery model. Bert penned a post titled Automating Database Maintenance with Jess Pomfret and dbatools 😁👍

How incredibly cool! Thank you Jess and Bert for the awesome and fun video 🌈

4 thoughts on “dbatools featured on sql with bert

  1. Gabi Reply

    Hello, Jess
    Could you please post the location where you will be presenting the the installation in Germany?
    I would like to attend it.


  2. Moosa Reply

    Just got a chance to install the tool. Man i have got everything what i need. Thanks guys for your great help!!
    Thanks Chrissy!!!

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