dbatools teammates join Carlos and Steve for an episode of the SQL Data Partners Podcast

Recently, Constantine, Rob, Aaron, and I got together to record a podcast for SQL Data Partners with Steve Stedman and Carlos L Chacon. We talked mostly dbatools, the community, open source projects and then I answered some SQL Family questions.

Today, the SQL Data Partners team released the podcast, along with a corresponding transcript.

Spoiler Alert: I know you’re all wondering what my superhero power would be, so here’s my answer 😉

Alright, so my superhero power would be regeneration. And the reason I want it is because I’m a hypochondriac and I’m always worrying about getting some disease or getting to an accident. And if I had regeneration powers then I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore because it would just fix itself.

The experience was actually a lot of fun! So much of a blast, in fact, that I asked Constantine if he wanted to co-host a new podcast that focuses on SQL Server and PowerShell. He agreed and you can expect our debut sometime next month!

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