new release with significant but non-breaking changes

Marching onward to dbatools 1.0, a ton of commands have been renamed to align with our now mature naming scheme. These changes were made in today’s release, version 0.9.410 aka regularlegs, now available on GitHub and the PowerShell Gallery.

Here’s the general idea:

  • DbaDatabase has mostly been renamed to DbaDb with a couple exceptions
  • DbaSql has been changed to just Dba, no exceptions. Considering Microsoft
    reserved the Sql prefix and we can’t use it, think of Dba as “Sql”.
  • DbaConfig has been renamed to DbatoolsConfig
  • TempDbConfiguration has been renamed to TempdbConfig
  • All Configuration commands are Config except SpConfigure
  • DbaDacpac has been renamed to DbaDacPackage. Dac is the prefix for our data-tier application commands.
  • DbaDbQueryStoreOptions has been renamed to DbaDbQueryStoreOption

If you use the old name, it’ll still work but will show a warning that the command name has been changed and its alias will be removed in 1.0. Oh, also, Get-DbaTrigger has been removed and Get-DbaInstanceTrigger and Get-DbaDbTrigger have been added in its place. Unfortunately, there was no appropriate alias, so it was removed without an alias.


If you’d like help renaming dbatools scripts within your command, use the newly created function Invoke-DbatoolsRenameHelper, available in regularlegs. The screenshot below shows is what it looked like when I ran the this:

Get-ChildItem -Recurse C:\temp\community-presentations\*.ps1 | Invoke-DbatoolsRenameHelper | Out-GridView


Thanks, PowerShell! 😎

other updates

There are other cool updates with this release. In preparation for my doomsday prepping with dbatools presentation at SQLGLA, I created a new command, Export-DbaInstance, which I’ll write more about in a future post.

In order for Export-DbaInstance to work well, I had to create a number of underlying commands, some of which may be of interest to you.

  • Get-DbaDbMail
  • Get-DbaDbMailAccount
  • Get-DbaDbMailProfile
  • Get-DbaDbMailConfig
  • Get-DbaDbMailServer
  • Export-DbaCredential
  • Export-DbaLinkedServer
  • Get-DbaResourceGovernor
  • Get-DbaRgResourcePool
  • Get-DbaRgWorkloadGroup
  • Get-DbaRgClassifierFunction
  • Get-DbaPbmCategory
  • Get-DbaPbmCategorySubscription
  • Get-DbaPbmCondition
  • Get-DbaPbmObjectSet
  • Get-DbaPbmPolicy
  • Get-DbaPbmStore

new website documentation coming soon

We’ll soon be moving our documentation to a system that automatically generates docs from markdown! Expect to see that by next week. It’ll be a great relief once released because keeping the website manually updated with all these changes is a near impossible task.

The command index will remain and be updated manually since it requires some categorization. That page also needs updating; I should have that done by Monday.


Recall that using old command names will show big ol yellow warnings and dbachecks uses a number of the renamed commands. So, dbachecks will be updated today, too, a couple hours after this email is sent out ✔

- Chrissy

7 thoughts on “new release with significant but non-breaking changes

  1. Thomas Reply

    Thanks a lot for your updates!, one thing is very, very strange. You have made this change:

    “DbaSql has been changed to just Dba, no exceptions. Think of Dba as “Sql”.”

    I hope you had a very important reason to not call “Sql” as Sql (e.g. it’s was impossible to give it the right name or a name which implies to be an Sql).

    In the last 30 years, I never had a situation where it was a good idea to name something and then commet: “Think of Apple as Pear.”

    Kind regards, all the best!

    • Chrissy LeMaire Post authorReply

      Hey Thomas,
      We chose the Dba prefix because Microsoft owns the Sql prefix, and we don’t want to encounter naming conflicts.

      We were having a lot of discussions like “Should we name this Get-DbaProcess or Get-DbaSqlProcess? *Everything* can potentially be DbaSql, so removing the potential for anything being DbaSql kept things consistent.

      Perhaps my wording is wrong, but my brain is too broken to update. Please suggest an update to the sentence if you’re up for it.


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  3. Robert Plata Reply

    This is exciting! Thanks for all of the work that you have put into this tool. It makes my life as a DBA much easier.

  4. Kiran Reply

    Awesome Chrissy!

    Really grateful for all the dbatools contributors, it’s made my day to day work very easy. Everyday learning something new from this community!

    Keep it up this journey!

    Thanks a lot.

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