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Last night was the premiere of #PSPowerHour! It featured great speakers and a lot of dbatools content.

What is PSPowerHour?

Created by Michael T Lombardi and Warren F, PSPowerHour is “like a virtual User Group, with a lightning-demo format, and room for non-PowerShell-specific content. Eight community members will give a demo each PowerHour.”

Sessions are proposed and organized on GitHub, which is really cool. Both new and seasoned speakers are invited to propose topics 🤗


Title Name
Default Parameter Values Chrissy LeMaire
The dime tour: PowerShell + Excel = Better Together Doug Finke
Setting Trace Flags as Startup Parameters with dbatools Andrew Wickham
Applying SQL Server Data Compression with dbatools Jess Pomfret
Better, Safer SQL Queries from PowerShell Andy Levy
Easy Desktop Notifications with BurntToast Josh King
Raspberry Pi with PowerShell and IoT module Daniel Silva

Everyone did such a great job, I love this livestream! As you can see above, the hour was opened up with my session about Default Parameter Values, which I wrote about earlier. Then Doug Fink talked about his really amazing module, ImportExcel.

Next, dbatools contributor Andrew Wickman talked about setting SQL Server trace flags using PowerShell. This session also features containers! After Andrew’s session, dbatools contributor Jess Pomfret talked about her awesome compression commands which make it really easy to enable compression within SQL Server.

Finally for dbatools content, major contributor Andy Levy talks discusses safely (and properly!) querying SQL Server using Invoke-DbaSqlQuery.

After that Josh King talked about his very impressive and beautiful module BurntToast. And the hour is wrapped up by Daniel Silva who has a fantastic demo where he controls a Raspberry Pi with PowerShell ❤

Next meeting

The next PSPowerHour will happen on August 30. The meeting’s agenda is already posted and features sessions about ChatOps, VS Code, SQL Server, getters & setters, PSKoans, PowerShell 6.0 and converting code using PowerShell.

Be sure to check it out!

- Chrissy

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