pass summit powershell precon agenda now available

We’ve been working on our precon and we’re super excited to share the agenda with you!

In case you missed it

dbatools teammates Constantine Kokkinos, Rob Sewell and I will be presenting a full-day session at PASS Summit in Seattle, WA, USA on Tuesday, October 31, 2017! Our precon will have a lab and we’re nearly at capacity — you’ll need to sign up now to ensure a spot.

Major Contributors Shawn Melton, Sander Stad and Brandon Abshire will help proctor the docker-based SQL Server lab.







You may notice that Aaron Nelson is no longer a part of the precon 🙁 He had a scheduling conflict and will be presenting with his coworker Paul Turley at the BI Precon, which is also the same day.


Here is our carefully crafted agenda. It is intended to provide a solid overview of SQL Server PowerShell and leave you feeling pumped about getting ready to code in PowerShell, whether you are a SQL DBA, Developer or BI Dev.


In the morning, we open with a short session about the history of SQL PowerShell and where we are today. CK will then give an introductory session that demonstrates how PowerShell and T-SQL can be alike.

Next, I will talk about the benefits of PowerShell and give practical examples that demonstrate when to choose PowerShell and when to stick with T-SQL. Then, by request, I’ll briefly discuss PowerShell remoting, which provides a natural segue to addressing community concerns about PowerShell security.

Finally, Rob will no doubt explode onto the stage, sharing how Pester is a game changer for SQL Server DBAs and developers. He’ll also discuss how we use Pester and live SQL Server instances within our own projects to keep quality high and bugs low.


After lunch we will jump into dbatools where CK will lead you through a docker-based lab. The lab will include audience participation where we will perform a migration and demonstrate some of our most useful (and fun) commands in an isolated, contained environment.

Next up, Rob will share best practices about scheduling PowerShell tasks in SQL Server Agent. Then I’ll discuss SQL PowerShell development within dbatools and perform some live coding.

Finally, we’ll conclude with a roundtable of SQL PowerShell lessons learned.

Slack-integrated precon

Before and during the precon, we’re offering a private channel in the SQL Server Community Slack where you can ask questions and get answers from teammates in real time. This is offered, in addition to asking questions in person, for those that are a bit shy or need an extended explanation during the precon.

Seats are limited

Because of the hands-on lab, seats have been limited so if you want to learn PowerShell from the dbatools team, head to the PASS Summit Precon Page and sign up! We’re all looking forward to seeing you there.

For those of you who have already signed up, expect to hear from us soon about the simplified lab setup and private Slack channel.

- Chrissy

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