PowerShell at SQL Bits!

A number of dbatools contributors will be presenting at SQL Bits next week in London! To start, Rob Sewell and I will be presenting a PowerShell and dbatools heavy precon on Wednesday.


Reliable, Repeatable, & Automated: PowerShell for DBAs

Automating and testing your SQL Server environment has never been easier. Now you can put down your manual checklists and skillfully:

  • Track SQL Server instance configurations
  • Promptly provide required information to managmement, change configuration or developers
  • Deftly respond to audit change requirements across your entire estate (and impress your auditor with PowerShell; it happened to us!)
  • Restore SQL Servers to their correct state prior and post deployment
  • Test everything from configuration to permissions, SQL service account share access to sysadmins, Agent Jobs to SPNs

During this session, we will also be premiering our new project, dbachecks.


Regular sessions

The sessions below either include PowerShell or are presented by dbatools contributors.

Administering SSRS without boring web based clicks

In Cláudio Silva’s Friday morning session , he’ll be focusing on how Microsoft’s SSRS module, ReportingServicesTools, can help make you happier and more productive.

Cláudio is a PowerShell MVP and SQL Server DBA 🤗 Shout out to the SQL Server team at Microsoft for investing more in PowerShell!


Managing Always On Availability Groups with PowerShell

Also on Friday morning, Marcos Freccia will be presenting on PowerShell commands that can help tame Always On Availability Group Management. Microsoft’s official SqlServer module (formerly SQLPS) has quite a few AG commands so I imagine it will be featured at length.


Simplifying XEvents Management with dbatools

On Friday afternoon, @spaghettidba and I will be presenting a session about our new Extended Events commands. Admittedly, I was still #TeamProfiler when we proposed this session quite a few months back. I had no idea where I’d be once the Powershell commands were created. Am I still #TeamProfiler? Come to the session and find out!

Just kidding, I’ve totally switched and I’m loving it 😉


SQL Operations Studio: the state of the art and future

Also on Friday afternoon, Microsoft’s Ken Van Hyning will be presenting about SQL Operations Studio. Ken has been incredibly important to the SQL PowerShell movement and we appreciate all that he does for the community. SQL Operations Studio is an awesome new Ops-focused tool from Microsoft that is built upon VS Code. So super cool.


Introduction to Pester-TDD for PowerShell

On Friday afternoon, Rob Sewell will be presenting an introduction Pester Test Driven Development. During this session, he’ll “Start from nothing and use Test Driven Development to write a PowerShell function that uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services API to analyse pictures.” Very fun session on one of my favorite topics! Never thought I’d say that, but Pester really makes TDD fun and easy.


Creating complex labs from start to finish with Lability

Also on Friday afternoon, André Kamman will present a session that will show you how to set up a fairly complex lab from start to finish and take you through his lessons learned.

I saw André present about AppVeyor at psconf.eu last year and it literally changed my life! I now sleep better at night knowing that a majority of our commands are tested against live SQL Server instances. As a homelabber, I’m hoping for the same from this super-fun looking session.


Query Store without SQL 2016 = Open Query Store

On Saturday morning, William Durkin and Enrico van de Laar will be presenting about an open source, community driven version of Query Store. Learn how you can have Query Store in all editions of SQL Server from version 2008-2014.


Advice and guidance on becoming a speaker or volunteer

Around noon on Saturday, Rob will be presenting about becoming a speaker or volunteer. Rob is an award-winning speaker and one of the awesomest presenters I’ve ever seen!

That about wraps it up. If I’ve missed anyone, please comment below and I’ll add your name to the list.

See you at Bits!
- Chrissy

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