new docs site and updated command index

We’ve been busy the past few days and have huge updates to share.

new docs site

First, our new beta docs site is now up at! Please check it out and let us know what you think.

This new docs site is auto-generated by our command help! Auto-generated docs were required because we’re adding so many new commands and updating so often, keeping our website up-to-date was just too time-consuming. Shoutout to Simone Bizzotto for his mad regex, JavaScript and PowerShell skills that made this possible 🏆!

You’ll notice that videos and screenshots are now absent. We’re considering ways to reincorporate media. If you have any requests, suggestions or problems with the site, please fill out an issue on the docs repo on GitHub.

Speaking of GitHub, our docs are hosted on GitHub Pages. If you’re wondering how we colocated two subdomains within the same GitHub Organization, we followed this helpful StackOverflow post.

updated command index

Cláudio Silva also updated our commands page this week 🤗 He added all 433 dbatools commands and also added a category index. Check it out!

updated documentation

Special thanks to Patrick Flynn and Andy Levy for updating our docs by fixing typos, providing clarification and adding examples. Your contributions help not only readers of Get-Help, but our website as well 👍

If anyone else is interested in helping with docs or anything else, we’re looking for help! Join us on Slack in #dbatools for more info.

dbatools update

Over the weekend, we released a quickfix in 0.9.412 that was totally busted, our apologies. Please update to the latest version, v0.9.418.

- Chrissy

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