another batch of new commands now available!

dbatools is not only intended to be a great migration tool, but also a toolset to help DBAs follow best practices. Check out all the new commands in this batch, courtesy of Mike Fal, Constantine Kokkinos and Chrissy LeMaire.

Best Practices Commands

Ever read a really great article about how to do something properly but then kinda forgot and you have to revisit each time? Well, we’ve codified some of those practices for you, making them easy to both follow and remember.


Commands that make your life easier


Commands that are coming soon

And we’ve got more planned!

  • Copy-SqlMaintenancePlan
    Maintenance plan support isn’t provided by dbatools at this time, but that’s soon going to change once this command is complete.
  • Disable-DbaLogonTrigger
    Like Reset-DbaAdmin, this is a command that won’t be used often, but when it is, its a lifesaver.

  • Find-DbaSqlInstance
    This one’s gonna be fun. Scan your subnet, AD or specific servers for SQL Server instances.

  • Move-DbaDatabaseFile
    We wanted to ensure this command is as fail-proof and useful as possible. It’s been tough getting progress bars to work, but we’re getting there! This command should be available in our next batch.

  • Restore-DbaBackupFromDirectory
    Routine to restore databases from directories (think the way that Ola Hallengren’s outputs his by default)

  • Remove-DbaBackupFromDisk
    Routine to remove SQL backups from disk. If you copy your backups to tape or use a third-party solution, this command will ensure that no backups are deleted until they’ve been marked as archived.

  • Test-DbaBackup
    Routine to test your backups

  • Write-SqlSpWhoIsActive
    Write the results of Show-SqlSpWhoIsActive to table!

Join us!

Some of these commands are in their infancy. Want to help make them better? Come join the coding party! We’re all hanging out on the SQL Server Community Slack in the #dbatools channel.

2 thoughts on “another batch of new commands now available!

  1. jay Reply

    Fantastic Set of Powerful scripts, i love each and every one of them. if you don’t fell like i am asking for more.Could you please introduce power-shell to balance cluster and fail-over resources during patching maintenance window. i have dealt with many scripts but none of them satisfying me.
    some inputs/features
    1. Fail over selected resources ( Balancing)
    2. Fail over and fail back all or few resources per node.
    3. Logging the error would be nice to have.

    Thanks in advance !!!

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