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Last night’s #PSPowerHour made me realize I should highlight a few awesome projects I’ve come across recently.


PSDatabaseClone was created by Sander Stad.

PSDatabaseClone is a PowerShell module for creating SQL Server database images and clones. It enables administrator to supply environments with database copies that are a fraction of the original size.

It is well-documented and open-source.


dbops was created by Kirill Kravtsov.

dbops is a Powershell module that provides Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment capabilities for SQL database deployments.

It is based on DbUp, which is DbUp is an open source .NET library that helps you to deploy changes to SQL Server databases. dbops currently supports both SQL Server and Oracle.


sqlwatch was created by Marcin Gminski.

The aim of this this project is to provide a free, repository backed, SQL Server Monitoring.

The project is open-source and the developers are available on Twitter and in #sqlwatch in the SQL Server Community Slack.


PowerUpSQL was created by Scott Sutherland.

PowerUpSQL includes functions that support SQL Server discovery, weak configuration auditing, privilege escalation on scale, and post exploitation actions such as OS command execution.

The project is open-source and was recently featured at Black Hat USA.


If you’re new to dbatools and not familiar with our other projects, dbachecks was created by the dbatools team and is now primarily maintained by Rob Sewell.

dbachecks is a framework created by and for SQL Server pros who need to validate their environments using crowd-sourced checklists.

The project is open-source and totally beautiful.

If you’re wondering what happened to dbareports, Rob handed it off to Jason Squires who is currently in the middle of a rewrite.

your module here

If I’ve missed your module or project, let me know in the comments and I’ll happily add it to this post!

missed pspowerhour?

Last night, was the second live stream of #PSPowerHour! Check it.

Title Name
Cloning SQL Server Databases using PowerShell Sander Stad
Getters and Setters for Classes with Custom Attributes Ryan Bartram
Using PwSH to gather information from silos Teresa Clark
PowerShell and RegExp to convert code Cláudio Silva
Getting Started with Visual Studio Code Shawn Melton
Deploying SQL code using Powershell Kirill Kravtsov
PSKoans Joel Sallow

- Chrissy

3 thoughts on “a few other community tools

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  2. Eric Simbozel Reply

    do you have a module for automate SQL Server patching ?


  3. kiquenet Reply

    For documenting SQL SERVER, PSSQLLIB references here,


    As for the PSSQLLIB, I found that it is also not updated.

    Quoted from this link: https://www.sqlstad.nl/scripting/powershell-module-pssqllib/
    “Due to the immense popularity and professionalism of the dbatools module I decided to no longer active develop this module.”

    TArget: documenting SQL Server instances, databases, tables

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