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In this release (two in one month, woo!), we gained 3 new contributors to the dbatools master repository for a grand total of of 29! We also added a shortcuts reference page for those of you who often visit portions of our site or GitHub and would like the shortlinks.


We fixed about 10 bugs, made two commands more efficient and added 5 new commands.

  • Connect-DbaSqlServer
    Creates an SMO SQL Server object. Supports both Windows and SQL Authentication. I imagine mostly SMO programmers will like this one, but check it out anyway. It has a ton of useful parameters.
  • Get-DbaLastBackup
    Retrieves and compares the date/time for the last known backups, as well as the creation date/time for the database.

    Default output includes columns Server, Database, RecoveryModel, LastFullBackup, LastDiffBackup, LastLogBackup, SinceFull, SinceDiff, SinceLog, Status, DatabaseCreated, DaysSinceDbCreated.

  • Get-DbaPermission
    Get a list of Server and Database level permissions

  • Get-DbaStartupParameter
    Displays values for a detailed list of SQL Server Startup Parameters including Master Data Path, Master Log path, Error Log, Trace Flags, Parameter String and much more.

  • Remove-DbaBackup
    T-SQL based maintenance plans can’t safely access Windows file system to determine if a file has been properly archived. PowerShell makes it easy.

    This command will make it easier to clean up old, archived (and unarchived) backups.

Want to see more or work on a command yourself? We have approved command ideas on the dbatools Trello board. This board shows you what we’re working on and what we’re talking about.

Notable bug fixes

Join us!

Some of these commands are in their infancy. Want to help make them better? Come join the coding party! We’re all hanging out on the SQL Server Community Slack in the #dbatools channel.

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