30 day countdown to 1.0 starts today!

Today marks the 30 day countdown to dbatools 1.0, which we will be debuting at Data Grillen in Lingen, Germany! These next 30 days are important and I’m writing to ask for your help.

Integration tests

We could still use a hand getting in those last few Integration tests. If you’re interested in adding a couple tests, I did a quick lil livestream on Twitch about writing integration tests for dbatools that could be useful to you.

I don’t think I’ve had the time to share, but dbatools team members livestream at dbatools.io/live and videos are published on our youtube channel, youtube.com/dbatools. More on that later.

Bugs and various issues

We’ve got about 30 issues left to resolve which you can see and follow on our GitHub Projects page. If you’ve ever been interested in helping, now is the perfect time as we only have 30 more days left to reach our goal.

If you’re a current or past dbatools developer, we’d love any help we can get. Just hit up the GitHub Projects page to see what issues are left to resolve. If someone is already assigned, please reach out to them on Slack in the #dbatools-dev channel and see if they can use your help.

prerelease branch

For anyone submitting Pull Requests, please submit to the temporary default: prerelease

Oh, and if you ❤ dbatools, please give it a ⭐ on GitHub if you haven’t already. Stars make our day.


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