24 Hours of PASS Presentation – Now Online

Constantine and I recently presented for 24 Hours of PASS and the video is now online! Our goal in this intro-level session was to help make PowerShell feel approachable and demonstrate its immediate value with commands like Get-DbaLastGoodCheckDb, Test-DbaSpn and Invoke-DbaDiagnosticQuery.

Slides | Demo Code
Entire Presentation | Demo Portion of Presentation | Included SPN Sample Video

If you’re already familiar with the project and would like to bypass the intro, you can jump right to the demo.

Want to know more?

During our PASS Summit pre-con, we’re aiming to go in-depth with topics like when to use T-SQL vs. when to use PowerShell, and how you can build your own SQL PowerShell commands, complete with Pester tests, too. We’ll also touch on important topics like PowerShell Security Myths vs. Facts.

We’re excited about our agenda, but would also like to know what you’re looking to learn. Feel free to hit us up with requests or questions.

If you’re not on Slack or Twitter, you can also email me at [email protected]

- Chrissy

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