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Watch live XEvent Data as it happens – this command runs until you kill the PowerShell session or Ctrl-C.

Thanks to Dave Mason for some straightforward code samples.




Shows events for the system_health session as it happens.

Watch-DbaXEventSession -SqlInstance ServerA\sql987 -Session system_health

Also shows events for the system_health session as it happens and expands the Fields property. Looks a bit like this.

Name Type Value
—- —- —–
id System.UInt32 0
timestamp System.UInt64 0
process_utilization System.UInt32 0
system_idle System.UInt32 99
user_mode_time System.UInt64 8906250
kernel_mode_time System.UInt64 468750
page_faults System.UInt32 60
working_set_delta System.Int64 0
memory_utilization System.UInt32 99

Get-DbaXEventSession -SqlInstance sql2016 -Session system_health | Watch-DbaXEventSession | Select -ExpandProperty Fields


This command was created by Chrissy LeMaire. You can find Chrissy on Twitter.


From PowerShell, execute Get-Help Watch-DbaXEventSession -Detailed for more information on this function.

Source Code

Want to see the source code? View Watch-DbaXEventSession.ps1 on GitHub

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