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Deploying a dacpac uses the DacFx which historically needed to be installed on a machine prior to use. In 2016 the DacFx was supplied by Microsoft as a nuget package and this uses that nuget package.




Updates WideWorldImporters on sql2017 from the sql2016-WideWorldImporters.dacpac using the sql2016-WideWorldImporters-publish.xml publish profile.

Publish-DbaDacpac -SqlInstance sql2017 -Database WideWorldImporters -Path C:\temp\sql2016-WideWorldImporters.dacpac -PublishXml C:\temp\sql2016-WideWorldImporters-publish.xml

Creates a publish profile at C:\temp\sql2016-db2-publish.xml, exports the .dacpac to $home\Documents\sql2016-db2.dacpac then publishes it to the sql2017 server database db2.

New-DbaPublishProfile -SqlInstance sql2016 -Database db2 -Path C:\temp
Export-DbaDacpac -SqlInstance sql2016 -Database db2 | Publish-DbaDacpac -PublishXml C:\temp\sql2016-db2-publish.xml -Database db1, db2 -SqlInstance sql2017


This command was created by Richie lee. You can find Richie on Twitter.


From PowerShell, execute Get-Help Publish-DbaDacpac -Detailed for more information on this function.

Source Code

Want to see the source code? View Publish-DbaDacpac.ps1 on GitHub

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