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This command gets a list of SQL Server names stored in SQL Server Central Management Server as a simple array.


Get a list of all server names from the Central Management Server on sqlserver2014a, using SQL Authentication

Get-SqlRegisteredServerName -SqlServer sqlserver2014a -SqlCredential $credential

Gets a list of server names in the HR and Accounting groups from the Central Management Server on sqlserver2014a.

Get-SqlRegisteredServerName -SqlServer sqlserver2014a -Group HR, Accounting

Find databases on Development and Production servers that aren’t online. Some commands don’t accept pipeline input, but for those that do, this is very powerful.

Get-SqlRegisteredServerName -SqlServer MySqlCmsServer -group development,production | get-dbaDatabaseState | Where-Object {$_.Status -ne ‘ONLINE’} | format-table




From PowerShell, execute Get-Help Get-SqlRegisteredServerName -Detailed for more information on this function.

Source Code

Want to see the source code? View Get-SqlRegisteredServerName.ps1 on GitHub

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