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This command is based off of Paul Randal’s post “Wait statistics, or please tell me where it hurts”.

– WaitType
– Category
– WaitSeconds
– ResourceSeconds
– SignalSeconds
– WaitCount
– Percentage
– AverageWaitSeconds
– AverageResourceSeconds
– AverageSignalSeconds

Reference: SQL Skills




Check wait statistics for servers sql2008 and sqlserver2012.

Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008, sqlserver2012

Check wait statistics on server sql2008 for thresholds above 98% and include wait stats that are most often, but not always, ignorable.

Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008 -Threshold 98 -IncludeIgnorable

Shows detailed notes, if available, from Paul’s post.

Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008 | Select *

Displays the output then loads the associated sqlskills website for each result. Opens one tab per unique URL.

$output = Get-DbaWaitStatistic -SqlInstance sql2008
foreach ($row in ($output | Sort-Object -Unique Url)) { Start-Process ($row).Url }


This command was created by Chrissy LeMaire. You can find Chrissy on Twitter.


From PowerShell, execute Get-Help Get-DbaWaitStatistic -Detailed for more information on this function.

Source Code

Want to see the source code? View Get-DbaWaitStatistic.ps1 on GitHub

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