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This command migrates endpoints from one SQL Server to another. By default, all endpoints are copied. The -Endpoints parameter is autopopulated for command-line completion and can be used to copy only specific endpoints.

If the endpoint already exists on the destination, it will be skipped unless -Force is specified. Force drops and recreates the endpoint.


To copy all endpoints from sqlserver2014a to sqlcluster, using integrated (Windows) authentication. If endpoints with the same name exist on sqlcluster, they will be skipped.

To copy only two endpoints, dbendpoint1 and murrringendpoint, from sqlserver2014a to sqlcluster, using SQL authentication for sqlserver2014a and integrated (Windows) authentication for sqlcluster. If an endpoint with the same name exists on sqlcluster, it will be dropped and recreated because -Force was used.

To see what would happen if the command were executed. No actions are actually performed.

From PowerShell, execute   Get-Help Copy-SqlEndpoint -Detailed   for more information on this function. Want to see the source code? See it on GitHub