dbatools is free as in speech

Let the GNU GPL shine!

As a proponent of open-source software for nearly 20 years, I’m proud to say that dbatools is open sourced and GPL-licensed. The PowerShell code is available for download on github and the project plan is available on Trello.

“Free as in speech” is a matter of liberty and not just the ability to get the software for free. This liberty (libre) gives you four rights that a free beer does not:

  • You, as the user, have the right to run the software however you would like. Meaning if you have a computer that runs it, great! If you have a phone or calculator that can run the software too, even better.
  • You have the right to seeing how the software actually works. This would be akin to knowing the secret ingredients in your favorite beer or soft drink. With free beer, the consumer doesn’t have that freedom.
  • You are also able to redistribute the software however you’d like. Whether that means you would package the software as part of your own program (and also release it under the terms of the GNU GPL) or simply provide a mirror so your friends can download it directly from you.
  • You have the right to improve the program, assuming you know how to, and submit those improvements so the public can benefit from your efforts.

Please see the GPL license for more information.

Reference: What Does “Free as in Speech” or “Free as in Beer” Really Mean?

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